Zerxer Avatar

Zerxer, as depicted in one of his forum avatars.

Zerxer is one of the root administrators of GTSPlus and GPXPlus. Along with Big Bidoof, he is responsible for coding the site.

Biographical informationEdit

In real life, Zerxer's real name is Nick and his birthday is August 18th. He is twenty-five years old and lives in Texas, although he is originally from Pennsylvania. His favorite Pokémon was once Zergoose, but now seems to be Bisharp, especially its Shiny variant, which is predominantly blue.

He is also in a romantic relationship with fellow Global Pokédex Plus administrator Jen.


Main article: Novelty Pokémon

As with Commander Wymsy and Big Bidoof, Zerxer has a novelty Pokémon based on him, Zergoose. It is a black and blue recolor of Zangoose with a strong vengeance against noobs.

Azurite AffinityEdit

The Azurite Affinity seems to correspond to Zerxer, supported by the fact that he himself is an Azurite. The Azurite-exclusive trinket Plush Doll Z also seems to be made in reference to him.