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Valuable items are items that exist solely to be sold for points. They can be found randomly on the site, in the Underground, or in the Prize Shop, where one is rotated every 12 hours; this latter availability allows users to convert their Prize Points into regular Shop Points. Two Achievements are unlocked by obtaining valuable items: Gold Digger by obtaining five Nuggets, and Mycologist by obtaining five TinyMushrooms.

Icon Name Selling Price Prize Points
Big Mushroom.png Big Mushroom 2500
Big Pearl.png Big Pearl 3750
Nugget.png Nugget 5000
Pearl.png Pearl 700
Rare Bone.png Rare Bone 5000
Star Piece.png Star Piece 4900 4
Stardust.png Stardust 1000
TinyMushroom.png Tiny Mushroom 250