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Ken Sugimori artwork of Unown letter "F"

The 28 Unown are among the rarest and most sought-after canon Pokémon on GPX+. Although characterized as Uncommon Pokémon, obtaining them is compounded by a number of factors:

  • As in the video games, Unown cannot be bred by normal users, and thus cannot normally be encountered in the Egg Shelter. Professor Cypress' Mew and Ditto, however, can produce an Unown egg on occasion.
  • All 28 Unown share the same egg description but otherwise constitute different Egg Dex and Pokédex entries. Thus, users who are hunting Unown from the Lab must obtain the "same egg" when its description appears in the hopes that it hatches into a unique Unown form.

Many of the scarcity and completion issues have been mitigated by the implementation of the Mystery Creature of the Ruins exploration, which will award an Unown egg once completed. Users will be given a random Unown for which the user does not have an Egg Dex entry, regardless of whether they also have the corresponding Pokédex entry. Once all 28 Unown eggs have been obtained, the exploration will reward any random Unown.