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Artwork of the Gracidea Flower, Lunar Wing, and Magma Rock by Fletchling

Based on powerful or Key Items found in the primary handheld games, Summoning Items are used to obtain the eggs for one of eighteen Very Rare Pokémon. Summoning Items are used in the Lab, after which an egg related to the item used is summoned. Immediately after being summoned, the egg will appear in the lab and, for five minutes, be available only to the summoner. After these five minutes, the egg will visible to other users. The egg does not necessarily appear right away, and is inserted into the Lab and will appear at random.

Most Summoning Items will summon a specific egg, except for Enigma Stones, which will summon a random egg from the original 13 summonable eggs.

Summoning Items can be obtained from Treasure Chests and the Underground with low encounter rates. Some Summoning Items can be obtained as Achievement or Exploration rewards. Three random Summoning items are rotated through the Prize Shop every 12 hours and cost 20 Prize Points each. The Enigma Stone is always available in the Prize Shop for 15 Prize Points each.

Many users who have completed a large portion of their Egg Dex may opt to use a Repel in conjunction with a Summoning Item if they have not yet obtained the data for the egg they've summoned, as it will effectively "block"act as a filter for all eggs except their summon from showing up.

All Summoning Items, including the Enigma Stone, have an "inherent value" of 20,000 points, however, Summoning Items cannot naturally be purchased from the main section of the shop. This value is still used though to determine other prices related to Summoning Items, such as their selling price (10,000 points), and their purchase price in the backroom (15,000 points).

The Mystery Box, which summons Meltan, functions differently from other summoning items. Rather than a Summoning Item, this is classified as an Account Upgrade. It summons six Meltan eggs into the Lab and the user has 30 minutes to find all six of them. The eggs do not appear for the other users and any that were not adopted disappear after the 30 minutes are up. The Mystery Box can be used every 72 hours, unlike the other Summoning Items. Meltan will never be summoned from the use of an Enigma Stone.

On January 3, 2017, a new Summoning Item was added for the first time since the original set: the Electronic Band, used to summon Volcanion[1]. Later, the Machine Part was added as well and can be used to summon Zeraora. On March 1, 2022, the Iceroot Carrot and Shaderoot Carrot were added, used to summon Glastrier and Spectrier respectively.[2] While these items periodically appear in the Prize Shop, are obtainable from the Underground, and can be obtained as Achievement rewards like most Summoning Items, they do not appear in any Treasure Chest and cannot be obtained from Explorations. Volcanion, Zeraora, Glastrier, and Spectrier will never be summoned from the use of an Enigma Stone.

List of Summoning Items[]

Icon Name Description Pokémon Summoned
Bag Silver Wing Sprite.png Silver Wing A brilliant silver feather that shines in the sunlight. It radiates a mysterious power. Lugia.png
Bag Rainbow Wing Sprite.png Rainbow Wing A brilliant feather that is several different colours. It radiates a mysterious power. Ho-oh.png
Bag Soul Dew Sprite.png Soul Dew A small blue orb. The white pattern on the inside swirls around elegantly. Latias.png Latios.png
Latias or Latios
(Chosen at random)
Bag Blue Orb Sprite.png Blue Orb A shiny blue orb that radiates a mysterious power. Kyogre.png
Bag Red Orb Sprite.png Red Orb A shiny red orb that radiates a mysterious power. Groudon.png
Bag Green Orb Sprite.png Green Orb A shiny green orb that radiates a mysterious power. Rayquaza.png
Bag Adamant Orb Sprite.png Adamant Orb A bright light blue orb that glows brilliantly. Dialga.png
Bag Lustrous Orb Sprite.png Lustrous Orb A bright blue and pink orb that glows brilliantly. Palkia.png
Bag Magma Rock Sprite.png Magma Rock A bright orange rock that radiates an incredible amount of heat. Heatran.png
Bag Griseous Orb Sprite.png Griseous Orb A strange yellow and tan object. It radiates a dark power. Giratina Another Form.png
Bag Lunar Wing Sprite.png Lunar Wing A feather that glows like the moon. It has the power to dispel nightmares. Cresselia.png
Bag Gracidea Flower Sprite.png Gracidea Flower A beautiful pink flower that glows in the sunlight. Shaymin Land Form.png
Shaymin [Land Form]
Bag Enigma Stone Sprite.png Enigma Stone A crystal ball that was excavated from the ground. It radiates mysterious power. Randomly selects one of the Pokémon listed above.
Electronic Band.png Electronic Band A man-made device that can form a strong, magnetic chain between you and a certain Pokémon. Volcanion.png
Bag Machine Part Sprite.png Machine Part It seems to be an important piece of machinery. It stores a massive amount of electricity. Zeraora.png
Bag Mystery Box 2019 Sprite.png Mystery Box* A mysterious old box. Opening it causes a certain Pokémon to appear in the Lab. Meltan.png
Iceroot Carrot.png Iceroot Carrot It grew in a field covered in snow. Desired by the royal steed. Glastrier.png
Shaderoot Carrot.png Shaderoot Carrot It grew in a gloomy field. Desired by the royal steed. Spectrier.png