Pokii Profile Photo

Pokii, as depicted in his GTS+ Profile Photo.

Derek "Pokii" Viars, is one of the few Advisors of GPX+. Formerly a moderator, and an avid sprite designer, Pokii has the honor of having two Novelty Pokémon directly inspired by him: Cloysterman, based off his winning design for the January 2010 Dress Up Contest, and Pokii, based off of his forum avatar, first released on January 28, 2010, his birthday. He is credited with the design of numerous Novelties: Zergoose, Dracowymsy, Shadow Lugia, Remorage and Octillerage, Shellderboy and Cloysterman (the actual Novelty Pokémon), the Starter Clones, Valentacool and Valentacruel, and Summer Swinub, Summer Piloswine, and Summer Mamoswine. Pokii also designed the second versions of the sprites for Slime Slugma and Slime Magcargo.

The Achievement "Hot Pocket Love" requires the user to breed a Pokii True Form with a Zergoose, an inside joke between Pokii and GPX+ Administrator Zerxer.

595Joltik Dream
What?! Joltik is evolving!

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