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A Pokédex from the Sinnoh region.

The Pokédex on GPX+ functions in a similar manner to the one found in the various video games, cataloging all the Pokémon and eggs that have been obtained by the user. Clicking on a Pokémon will show a variety of information, such as the Pokémon's stats, flavor texts for the egg and Pokémon, and whether or not it can change Forms. This information can be sorted through a number of filters.

Pokédex Entries[]

When a Pokémon or its egg is adopted, a new entry is created that shows information about it. New eggs will appear as Mystery Eggs until hatched, while a Pokémon adopted without hatching its egg will appear under its own name, with the egg appearing as a shadow. Obtaining the egg later will add it to the Pokémon's entry (as well as to any associated forms). The entries will also show the default Shiny sprite of the Pokémon if it has been obtained; acquiring the Shiny version before the normal one will add the normal entry as well. At the top of the list, users can quickly discern how many egg entries, normal Pokémon entries, and Shiny entries they possess.

A Pokédex entry for the Pokemon Rhydon.

Pokédex entries contain flavor information such as egg descriptions, and physical properties like height and weight. It also displays more detailed information relevant to various features on the site, such as gender, egg groups, and base stats for the Battle Tower. The entries will also display user and site statistics that indicate how often it has been obtained, when it was first created, and which sprites the user has unlocked.


The Pokédex page displays a number of parameters that can be used to filter the list of Pokémon shown on the page.

  • Search: Text search boxes allow for filtering based on Pokémon names or words found in the egg description or flavor text
  • Stats: Filters that show Pokémon that meet specific thresholds in their Base Stats
  • Groups: Filters that timit the displayed Pokémon based on their Generation of origin, their typing, Pokédex color, Rarity, or Egg Group
  • Show: Entries that are missing particular members, such as Mystery Eggs or Pokémon without their egg information, or Pokémon that are not specifically in a user's possession (akin to checking for "Living Pokédex" members)
  • Grouping: Not to be confused with "Groups", this set of buttons does not filter, but rather orders the Pokémon in particular ways (by Pokédex number or Height, for example) or creates discrete groups based on the user's choice (by Generation or Rarity, for example).

The statistics at the top of the list will change to reflect only the filtered entries. Likewise, grouped Pokémon will have the statistics shown for each group.