Pass Counter

The Pass Counter shown in the Notification Area. At 539,080, it is filled approximately a sixth of the way through.

The Pass Counter is a small meter located in the Notification Area of GPX+. It debuted on October 3, 2011, some time after a similar feature - the Mystery Counter - was removed unceremoniously.


As the name states, the Pass Counter keeps a count related to the number of Pass Orbs obtained; presumably it keeps a tally of the total number of fractional Pass Orbs accumulated by all users for that day.

Every day it is active, the Pass Counter is established with a specific threshold. Passing this threshold causes the Counter to enter "Critical Mass", which imparts the site with a number of beneficial changes. Should the counter fail to reach this threshold, it drops by approximately 80,000 points[1]

Critical MassEdit

After hitting Critical Mass, the next day is designated a "Critical Mass Day", indicated in the Notification Bar by the Mystery Ghost. Consequently, the following effects become activated:

  • A 1.5x Multiplier, which affects the maturity and experience gains from interactions and views, as well as the number of points obtained from various activities and the number of Shelter grabs a user gains at the start of the day and from their Activity Score. Any fractional components of these numbers are rounded down. This multiplier stacks with any others (such as those created for Site-Wide Shiny Hunts), to a maximum of 4x.
  • A 25%-off sale in the Shop. Only the Main Shop and Accessories Shop are affected, and the Backroom is closed.
  • A random Pass Power is activated for the entire day. To date, the following Powers have been shown to be triggered on a Critical Mass Day: Defog, Summon, Search, Hatch, and Sprite. Other powers can still be activated as needed; when they expire, the Critical Mass Power will return automagically.

The next day, these effects are deactivated, and the threshold for reaching Critical Mass is raised by an unknown amount.

Mystery CounterEdit

The Mystery Counter was a similar concept to the Pass Counter, first implemented on December 10, 2009. Instead of using Pass Orbs, the statistic used to fill it was never confirmed by the staff, but was widely speculated to be related to cumulative Activity Score of the site. Like its successor, reaching Critical Mass with the Mystery Counter activated a 1.5x Multiplier (initially hidden from general knowledge) and a 25%-off sale in the Shop; it was also assumed that the chances of obtaining the Tiny Egg, Old Man, and Chests were increased.

Effective August 27th, the Mystery Counter was discontinued in favor of the Weather feature, with Big Bidoof stating that it would return in the future[2]. The Aurora Weather was implemented to somewhat mimic the effects of the Mystery Counter, although its multiplier is 1.25x instead of 1.5x. Administrators have stated that its appearance is "random", yet it does tend to trigger after days of heavy activity.


  1. User pumpkinking0192 claims to have recorded how non-Critical Pass Counters change.
  2. Weather Announcement