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Specifically, it needs a complete overhaul. details on the Berry Feeder.

Mass Clicking is a term given to users who interact with a significant amount of Pokemon and Eggs in short periods of time with minimal effort, usually by using the berry feeder option. There have been multiple groups dedicated to mass clicking, including the Goodfellows and Knights of the Round Table. Mass clicking gives the user large point increases and causes more people to click them, in addition to unlocking certain Achievements.

The Basics[]

There are many mass clicking guides and formats throughout GPX's forums, but the main three have been written by Gambrinous Antiscian, Natie, and Natsume Reiko. These guides give summaries of the basic methods of clicking employed by mass-clickers, but do not go too in-depth. The fastest known method of mass clicking (which can be done on desktop) allows you to interact with 300+ Pokemon per minute, if done right. While it used to be necessary to open multiple tabs to mass feed, the berry feeder option has simplified it.

Helpful Tools[]

  • A fast computer and web browser
  • A mouse with a scroll wheel; preferably light and form fitting to your hand to prevent stress on the wrist. Large weighted gaming mice may cause issues for extended periods of time. A tablet is an acceptable alternative, but that's only if one can use it well enough. For beginners it's best to stick with a mouse.
  • Relatively new or well kept mouse pad (optional)
  • Comfortable desk. Laptops don't really require a desk but can cause lots of posturing issues. If you plan to do more than 1000 clicks a day, posture is vital or else it will cause carpel tunnel syndrome or related problems.
  • Donor status to remove ads/Adblock Plus (optional, but can speed up the process quite a bit, especially with slow connections).


  • Go to the Users page, select to view either Users who "Are currently online," or "Have been online today." Selecting those who have interacted with you today, may give you less options, and selecting random users will likely give you many inactive players.
  • Change the number of Pokemon you'd like to open to 300.
  • Click the button that says "Open" at the top.
  • Use the hotkeys for if you'd like to feed the Pokemon specific berries (Nesassary for certain achevements, and helpful for those on explorations), or the spacebar for eggs and feeding Pokemon quickly.

While it may seem tempting to use a bot for Mass clicking, doing so will get you banned.