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The Lab is one of the two primary locations from which users can obtain new eggs for their party, the other being the Shelter. Run by Professor Cypress, the Lab holds any number of eggs, generated roughly hourly and deposited into the Lab proper every three minutes. Users are able to view and select from four eggs at a time; hitting the Refresh key or space bar will rotate the eggs with whatever other eggs are in stock at the time. Unlike the Shelter, the Lab shows only a generic egg image, shown to the right; users can instead differentiate eggs by the Pokédex description of the egg which appears below the egg graphic. The page also contains a link to Professor Cypress' user page, from which users can interact with her Pokémon.

Under normal circumstances, the only eggs that will appear in the Lab are from the Common to Very Rare Pokémon Rarity; Common eggs are produced during every batch, while Very Rare eggs are extremely scarce, to the point where "camping" for them is highly discouraged as a waste of time. Eggs that are created by using Summoning Items will appear in the Lab, however; users will have 5 minutes to locate the egg and claim it. After this time, the egg becomes visible to all other users, and can be claimed by anyone. If a user's party already contains three or more Legendary or Novelty Pokémon, however, they will be unable to see the Summoned egg. The contents of the Lab can also be altered manually by the GPX+ staff. During Site-wide Shiny Hunts, for example, the administrators may elect to increase the number of eggs for the species being Hunted, both to allow newer users to obtain the egg data so that they might sign up for the Hunt, and for participants to have a greater pool of eggs to hatch.

A number of tools exist to allow the user to enhance the Lab in a number of ways. The Wide Lens Account Upgrade allows users to view five eggs at once instead of four. Use of the Summon Pass Power will give users 15 minutes to use their Summoning Item; once it is activated, they will have 10 minutes, rather than 5, in which to find their egg. Finally, the Repel item will block any eggs that users have already obtained from appearing in the Lab upon initial use, showing only those eggs for which Pokédex information is missing; on refreshing the Lab stock, the effects of the Repel will deactivate.