GPX+ Wiki

tl;dr This is a manual that addresses the conventions adopted by the GPX+ Wiki in writing, titles, articles, and linking. Mandatory reading for editors. This page is far from finished.

Important stuff

  • First and foremost, this is an encyclopedia. Encyclopedias are generally written in a formal tone, which means second-person references are not encouraged. "You can get the Reaper Cloth in Turnback Cave" is incorrect, while "The Reaper Cloth can be obtained in Turnback Cave" is preferred. Basically, NEVER use "you" or "your"; if a sentence ends up with second-person references, rewrite it to remove them and restore the third-person instead.
  • "British spelling" is preferred, as that is what the site uses.
  • Pokémon and any words that start with "Poké-" are always capitalised. The accented "e" in Pokémon should always be stressed. There are numerous methods of reproducing the character, such as Alt+130 in Windows, AltGr+e on keyboards with composer keyes, and so on. Failing these methods, the character can simply be copied and pasted from numerous sources that spell Pokémon with the correct characters.
  • Items should always be capitalised. "Escape Rope", "DeepSeaScale", etc. Basically, if it's capitalised in the game, it's capitalised here as well.
  • Locations within the GPX+ site should be capitalised as well (e.g. Shop, Poké Walker, Underground, Battle Tower, etc.). The site is rather inconsistent itself, but we will still do our best to avoid any inconsistencies.
  • The plural of a particular Pokémon species is the same as the singular. More than one Zangoose = "two Zangoose", not "two Zangooses" or "two Zangeese".
  • When referring to evolutionary stages, the terms "unevolved", "nth evolution", and "final evolution" are preferred. Do not use the TCG terminology.
  • For tables, there is a very useful format for them, and it works quite well. Steal the format from a page that is already using it and edit accordingly. The Achievements page is a perfect example of how a table should look. Remember, the darker and lighter greys always alternate.
  • Lists of Pokémon should be in National Pokédex order, which can be found on the Dex portion of GPX+. Items and Account Upgrades should be listed in the order found on GPX+.
  • Do not steal from other wikis. Copying, pasting, and lightly paraphrasing counts as stealing.