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This Wikia is dedicated to GPX+, the smash online Pokémon adoptables site.

Very Important! On Adding Information To The GPX+ Wiki For Editors:

Like other Wikis, this site is an encyclopedia of data, in this case about GPX+. However, just as most gaming Wikis do not feature strategy guides or cheats for helping to complete game objectives, neither does the GPX+ Wiki. In accordance with the requests of the creators of the site, while posting egg images in general is acceptable, the following are strictly forbidden:

  • Creating egg dexes that would identify eggs

This includes using filenames that could somehow link the egg image to the Pokémon that will hatch from it.

Want to help this site become more resourceful? If you have some knowledge of Wikia coding and are able to write (proper spelling and grammar are preferred), we welcome you! Editors are always encouraged to contribute in a meaningful way to the site. Please bring any ideas to the Watercooler so that we can better organize the site and make sure everyone understands how we want the site to look. Once you have an idea for a page, or for how to improve existing pages, we would appreciate using the Manual of Style to help follow the standards used for the site (such as grammatical person and other formatting issues).

Pages also need to be categorized. If you see pages that are not in any categories or create a new page, please put them into a proper existing category or create a proper category for them.

Thank you!

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If you're playing GPX+, we would love to have you in the Discord server! Come join us and talk about the game, ask any questions you might have, or just hang out talking about anything else you might be intersted in.

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