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The term event commonly refers to a GPX+-wide system that has the potential to award users with rare Pokémon eggs or items. Users often had to have been signed up to the site for a certain number of weeks, but beyond this all users could participate. While a number of these events are still active on the site, the larger, more wide-spread event system has been supplanted by Explorations.

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Monthly Egg Distribution System[]

Every month, the administrators of GPX+ implemented a multi-day event to distribute particular Legendary or Novelty Pokémon. The event was announced through thread on the Updates section of the forums, often titled with an unusual name related to an internet meme and containing a humorous illustration or animated image (such as "Today Everything Is Green"). The thread contained some detailed information about the event, such as which eggs would be distributed (with the identity of one of the eggs, especially if it was a new Novelty egg, humorously withheld), as well as a list of requirements needed to participate. Commander Wymsy was usually responsible for announcing and running the event, but Big Bidoof hosted the final egg distribution event in August 2010.

On the days of the event, one of the administrators would initialize a script to hand out the eggs. Each egg type had a limited run, and so the eggs were randomly distributed to eligible users. To be eligible to receive an egg, a player had to meet the requirements set out in the event thread, then leave an empty space in his party. At least one of the eggs distributed each day would hatch shiny.

Eligible users normally could obtain only one Pokémon egg or other reward during the entire event. If a user had already obtained one of the event Pokémon during a past event, he would be ineligible to receive it directly again. The player was required to have an open space in their party during the event and, to ensure that inactive accounts could not receive eggs that would never be hatched, participants were required to have logged into GPX+ at some point during the week prior to the event as a basic requirement for the event. The restriction on inactive accounts was made more stringent by requiring a certain number of total interactions in order to be eligible for an event egg. This was implemented to ensure the eggs would go to active members of the site. Other limits were later imposed to improve the chances of users who had never received an egg. During the last monthly event, the Activity Score statistic was made public and used to determine the chances of obtaining an egg.

In May 2015 the monthly egg distribution event returned, being both announced and run by Jen. All information on the egg distribution is now posted in the Monthly Community Threads. The new egg distribution event runs the same as the old system. Users now also have a chance to win an additional egg by participating in the Monthly Community Threads; participation is not required for obtaining the standard egg, just the additional egg. Users earn one raffle entry for their first 19 posts, and an additional entry for every 10 posts after that. At the end of the month the entries are entered into the Monthly Raffle and the winners are chosen for the next month's distribution. Winners will get to choose a Pokémon for the next month, and will receive that Pokémon; that Pokémon does not count as the one per month limit.


Main article: Explorations

Replacing the older event system is a set of Explorations that users could undertake, in which they must complete a series of tasks framed by stories and illustrations. Normal Explorations are available at all times and reward users with either highly-sought after but non-Legendary Pokémon, or valuable items such as Flame Orbs. Two to three Special Explorations are rotated monthly and reward Very Rare Pokémon. As with the older system, Explorations have various activity requirements that must be met to undertake the tasks.

April Fools[]

During some years, special events occur on April Fools' Day (April 1). These events have varied over the years, and have included egg distributions, voucher distributions for new species, and alterations to site features.

In 2019, all users who logged in on April 1 received an April Fools Day Voucher[1], which gave the user an egg for then newly added Noothoot.

In 2020, all trinkets from all groups were made available for one day. Prize+ was also activated for the whole day.[2]

In 2021 and 2022, interacting with eggs changed from holding them to warm the egg to throwing berries at the eggs. This acted similarly to interacting with a Pokémon, where the user chose one of 5 berries to throw at the egg. Each berry gave unique flavor text. This was functionally identical to warming the egg normally.

Berry Throwing Flavor Text
Berry Thrown Flavor Text
Before Throwing The egg looks rather cold... it cannot grow as fast unless it is kept warm. Would you like to throw a berry at it?
Aspear Berry You pull a Aspear berry out of your pouch and hurl it at the egg. The berry bursts as juice covers the egg's shell and surrounding area. Your mouth starts watering just thinking about the sourness.
Cheri Berry You pull a Cheri berry out of your pouch and hurl it at the egg. The berry bursts as juice covers the egg's shell and surrounding area. The spiciness in the air makes you start sweating a bit.
Chesto Berry You pull a Chesto berry out of your pouch and hurl it at the egg. The berry bursts as juice covers the egg's shell and surrounding area. At least you assume it does... the egg still looks rather dry.
Pecha Berry You pull a Pecha berry out of your pouch and hurl it at the egg. The berry bursts as juice covers the egg's shell and surrounding area. Hopefully the sweetness doesn't attract ants!
Rawst Berry You pull a Rawst berry out of your pouch and hurl it at the egg. The berry bursts as juice covers the egg's shell and surrounding area. The bitterness of it gives off a rather pungent smell.

Secret Santa[]

The Secret Santa Exchange is a holiday event that takes place some days before Christmas. Users are able to submit any Pokémon in their possession to the event, and much like a real-life "Secret Santa" exchange, will receive another Pokémon when the event ends (usually on Christmas Day). Anyone who submits a Pokémon will randomly receive another Pokémon of the same rarity from among the pool of all such Pokémon submitted to the event; the exceptions are Manaphy and Summonable Very Rare Pokémon, which are classified into their own group for the purposes of distribution.

When a Pokémon is submitted, a spot on the user's party is replaced by a placeholder egg, taking the appearance of the generic, Lab egg sprite. This egg cannot hatch or be removed in any way, effectively decreasing the number of Pokémon allowed in the user's party by one. The placeholder is replaced by the exchanged egg once the event ends.

Users who submit Shiny Pokémon will receive a Shiny Pokémon in exchange; should there be an odd number of Shiny Pokémon submitted, one person would receive their entrant back along with a separate award, such as a Voucher. It is widely believed that Festive Makuhita vouchers were also given to users who donated Shiny Pokémon in 2011.

In the 2020 Secret Santa Exchange, all users that submitted a Pokémon received an Odd Christmas Tree Voucher after their gifted egg hatched. This voucher could be exchanged for the newly added Xurkitree.


In January 2010, the administrators introduced competitions to promote users actively working to obtain valuable Pokémon and items on the site. Three classes of competitions were introduced: design contests, Site-Wide Shiny Hunts, and Scavenger Hunts.

Dress Up Contests[]

To show off the new Accessory system, GPX+ hosted a Dress Up Contest in January 2010. Users were asked to place accessories on their Pokémon and, optionally, display them on a backdrop. So long as the Pokémon was not completely hidden by the accessories, the additional sprites could be arranged in any pattern the user could imagine. Submitted dressed-up Pokémon were voted upon by the userbase in a series of elimination rounds, with the winners receiving rare Egg Vouchers. The grand prize winner, Pokii, received an Arceus egg in his party directly.

Subsequent contests were held on December (after the introduction of custom-made Christmas Accessories) and on October 2011, unique in that only 5th-generation Pokémon were allowed to be submitted. The prizes for both these contests was an Arceus egg once more, with Vouchers being awarded to other highly-placing entrants.

Other Design Contests[]

In celebration of Easter, an "Egg colouring" contest was opened in April 2010. Starting with the basic GPX+ egg shape, users were given free-reign to redesign the pattern, so long as any detailing did not exceed the width or height of the egg by too many pixels. In addition to receiving an Arceus egg, the grand prize winning design replaced the generic egg design in the Lab on Easter Sunday of that year. Other highly-placing entrants received Vouchers. The top 30 designs (1st through 4th places) were used in April 2011 for a special Easter Egg hunt.

Christmas was the theme for the December 2011 Ornament design contest. As with the egg colouring contest, users were provided a basic shape - in this case a Christmas tree ball ornament with cap - and could design a simple ornament, again so long as the design did not exceed the edges of the pattern by too many pixels. Awards were given as in other contests, and the top 10 designs were used in a special "Bauble Tree" event; users who participated in the Scavenger Hunt during the first 10 days that month would earn one of the baubles for every task completed. On Christmas day, the user would then receive a number of presents in the form of December 2011 Trinkets, depending upon the number of baubles obtained.

On July 2016, a second egg colouring contest was announced in the form of a 'Design Egg-Stravaganza'. It largely adhered to the same rules as the first one, requiring the dimensions of the image to be 30 x 31px and to keep the base egg recognisable.

Scavenger Hunts[]

The Scavenger Hunt icon, found in the Notification Bar

Alternating monthly with the Site-Wide Shiny Hunts, Scavenger Hunts provide the single largest source of Prize Points on the site. Starting on the 15th of the month at reset, all users are given one of a number of tasks each day that must be completed by the following reset:

  • Raise a Pokémon to a particular level:
    • Select a Pokémon from a provided list (generated randomly).
    • Hatch a Pokémon of a particular Pokédex color, Nature, and/or Type. To date the tasks have only asked for two of these traits at a time (for example, a Brown, Hardy Pokémon).
  • Obtain one or more trinkets of a particular Rarity.

The particular goal for the day will be displayed as a tool-tip on the Scavenger Hunt icon, located on the Notification Area. If the task calls for a Pokémon, it must be obtained as an egg and hatched on the day it was called for, but can be raised by any means. Very Rare and Novelty Pokémon are excluded from the list that the task can call for. However, they can still be used for the Nature/color/Type tasks, if they fit the criteria. Trinkets must similarly be obtained on the day of the task that calls for them; it does not matter when its chest was obtained. Users must click on the icon to actually complete the task; this action takes them to the Scavenger Hunt page, which displays a history of hunts for that month, the number of users who have completed those hunts, and the number of users that have completed any number of hunts for the month. Alternatively, if the user visits their Party upon completing the task and then visits another part of the site (such as Lab, Shelter, or Shop), the task also completes. When the task is completed, the icon "greys out" (its opacity is lowered) to signify this.

Prize Points are awarded after reset on the last day of the month. Users are awarded points depending on the number of tasks completed:

  • 1-5 tasks: 3 points per task
  • 6-10 tasks: 4 points per task
  • 11+ tasks: 5 points per task
Tasks completed 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17
Prize Points awarded 0 3 6 9 12 15 24 28 32 36 40 55 60 65 70 75 80 85

Weekly Pokémon Hunts[]

Poke Hunt.png

From Tuesday and Thursday of every week, users have the opportunity to earn Prize Points by participating in a Weekly Pokémon Hunt. Each week, Pokémon of a specific type can be entered into the contest; at the end of the hunt, the Pokémon will be ranked based upon its characteristics (see below), with any number of Pokémon occupying a rank depending on the number of entrants and the thresholds established for each rank. Users can submit any Pokémon within 24 hours of hatching; for a 200-point fee, the Pokémon can be removed so that a different one can be submitted. Judging happens immediately after Thursday night's reset. An icon in the Notification Area notifies the user of a Pokémon Hunt currently taking place. When a Pokémon is entered, the icon is greyed out. The types are chosen in alphabetical order, starting with Bug and ending with Water, then looping back to Bug.

The judged characteristics are:

  • Maturity (egg steps needed to hatch Pokémon)
  • Whether the required type is primary or secondary - primary is ranked higher
  • Rarity
  • Individual Values (IVs)
  • Shininess
  • Evolutionary stage (evolved Pokémon are ranked higher; Mega Evolution is considered a Form Change and is not ranked higher)

Silvally is a popular choice, although it does not place high in rankings despite its maturity and rarity.

All participants in the hunt obtain Prize Points:

  • 1st: 12 Prize Points
  • 2nd: 6 Prize Points
  • 3rd: 3 Prize Points
  • Consolation (no rank): 1 Prize Point

In addition to Prize Points, winners can obtain the following:

  • 1st-3rd: Cosplay Giftboxes; one box a week in the order they were released until all five are obtained.
  • 1st: A Shard matching the type of the Pokémon Hunt that week.
    • Note: Shards can only be obtained after all Cosplay Giftboxes are owned and do not count toward the daily limit of shards.
  • 1st-3rd: A Memory matching the type of the Pokémon Hunt that week.

Site-Wide Shiny Hunts[]

Held infrequently in the past, GPX+ currently implements a Site-Wide Shiny Hunt (often shortened as SWSH) every two months, alternating with the Scavenger Hunt. All users on the site can hunt for a particular species of Pokémon designated by the staff as the target of the hunt; users must use a specific, temporary Shiny Hunt slot to sign up for the hunt within the Shine Recorder, or their participation will not be recognized (this slot does not count against the 4+ already provided in the Shine Recorder and its expansions). Often starting at the middle of the month, users can begin obtaining and hatching eggs toward the Shiny Hunt (any Shiny Pokémon obtained or hatched before that date will not count). Sign-ups will remain open until the end of the month, when the hunt typically ends.

Initially, any users who hatch a Shiny Pokémon receive a special prize; all other Hunt participants received older Rare Items, Enigma Stones, or Nuggets. Prize Points were used as rewards instead of items once they were introduced; grand prize winners received 45 Prize Points in addition to the special prize, while all other Hunt participants will obtain one Prize Point for every 15 eggs hatched, up to a maximum of 30 Prize Points at 450 hatched eggs. Starting with the July 2012 Hunt, every participant belonging to the Affinity which hatched the most shinies also receives 15 Prize Points on top of other rewards, provided they hatched a shiny or hatched at least 50 eggs. Participants who hatched over 750 eggs during the March Shiny Hunt[which March?] without obtaining a Shiny Pokémon also received the special prize.

An option is provided in the Shine Recorder to either cancel the hunt or continue it as a normal hunt if the user does not obtain a Shiny Pokémon during the allotted period. If continued, it will continue to use the Site-Wide slot; should one of the user's regular Shine Recorder slots be vacated (by completing or cancelling a normal hunt), the Site-Wide Hunt will be moved to a normal slot.

On occasion, the staff will give the option of hatching one of three different Pokémon for the site-wide Shiny Hunt. Users can choose any of the Pokémon provided, and after finishing the chosen hunt can subsequently continue to participate with one of the other Pokémon (or the same Pokémon already obtained). Hatching multiple Shiny Pokémon will not give the users additional points or prizes.

Because they were introduced before the Site-Wide Shiny Hunts were implemented as a regular feature, the first two Hunts had markedly different properties. The Hunts lasted only one week instead of two, and users could not sign up once the race had started. The reward system was also much simpler: the first hunt rewarded a Shiny Voucher for the Pokémon for users that hatched over 150 eggs without winning, while all other non-winners received an Enigma Stone; during the second hunt, users hatching over 150 eggs received an Enigma Stone, while others received a Nugget.

The grand prizes for the Site-Wide Shiny Hunts were as follows:

Pokémon Month/Year Reward Winning Affinity
Swinub (Shiny).png
June 2010 Shiny-swinub-prize.png
Shiny Swinub Prize
Pichu (Shiny).png
August 2010 Blue-stone.png
Blue Stone
Relicanth (Shiny).png
January 2011 Legend-voucher-plus.png
Legend Voucher Plus
Litwick (Shiny).png
March 2011 Plume-fossil.png or Cover-fossil.png
Plume Fossil or Cover Fossil
Porygon (Shiny).png
May 2011 Potato-battery.png
Potato Battery
Cherubi (Shiny).png
July 2011 Damp-rock.png, Heat-rock.png, or Icy-rock.png
Damp Rock, Heat Rock, or Icy Rock
Zorua (Shiny).png
September 2011 Shiny-voucher.png
Sh. Race Prize Voucher for Flaming Zorua
Vulpix (Shiny).png Horsea (Shiny).png Totodile (Shiny).png
November 2011 Shiny-voucher.png
Sh. Race Prize Voucher for Icy Horsea
Eevee (Shiny).png Ponyta (Shiny).png Snivy (Shiny).png
January 2012 Mysterious-letter.png
Mysterious Letter
Bronzor (Shiny).png Grimer (Shiny).png Solosis (Shiny).png
March 2012 Shiny-voucher.png
Sh. Race Prize Voucher for Rustor
Lapras (Shiny).png Shinx (Shiny).png Trapinch (Shiny).png
May 2012 Shiny-voucher.png
Sh. Race Prize Voucher for Pudgy Pidgey
Bidoof (Shiny).png Roggenrola (Shiny).png Rufflet (Shiny).png
July 2012 Shiny-voucher.png
Sh. Race Prize Voucher for Roggenmorpha
Malachite.png Malachite[3]
Dratini (Shiny).png Gastly (Shiny).png Ralts (Shiny).png
September 2012 Shiny-voucher.png
Sh. Race Prize Voucher for Autumn Tropius
Girafarig (Shiny).png Growlithe (Shiny).png Mienfoo (Shiny).png
November 2012 Shiny-voucher.png
Sh. Race Prize Voucher for Snowy Girafarig
Absol (Shiny).png Charmander (Shiny).png Mareep (Shiny).png
January 2013 Dreidel.png
Axew (Shiny).png Finneon (Shiny).png Larvitar (Shiny).png
March 2013 Light-stone.png or Dark-stone.png
Light Stone or Dark Stone
Abra (Shiny).png Aron (Shiny).png Cyndaquil (Shiny).png
May 2013 Shiny-voucher.png
Sh. Race Prize Voucher for Spring Cyndaquil
Azurite.png Azurite[4]
Aerodactyl (Shiny).png Caterpie (Shiny).png Chikorita (Shiny).png
July 2013 Shiny-voucher.png
Sh. Race Prize Voucher for Splash Chikorita
Bagon (Shiny).png Bulbasaur (Shiny).png Magikarp (Shiny).png
September 2013 Shiny-voucher.png
Sh. Race Prize Voucher for Magma Totodile
Azurill (Shiny).png Feebas (Shiny).png Riolu (Shiny).png
November 2013 Shiny-voucher.png
Sh. Race Prize Voucher for Harvest Farfetch'd
Aipom (Shiny).png Deino (Shiny).png Houndour (Shiny).png
January 2014 Shiny-voucher.png
Sh. Race Prize Voucher for Deibot
Malachite.png Malachite[5]
Barboach (Shiny).png Doduo (Shiny).png Yanma (Shiny).png
March 2014 Light-stone.png or Dark-stone.png
Light Stone or Dark Stone
Audino (Shiny).png Beldum (Shiny).png Zubat (Shiny).png
May 2014 Shiny-voucher.png
A voucher for obtaining a Kalos Starter
Malachite.png Malachite[6]
Archen (Shiny).png Blitzle (Shiny).png Mudkip (Shiny).png
July 2014 Saltwater-bucket.png
Saltwater Bucket
Amaura (Shiny).png Fennekin (Shiny).png Froakie (Shiny).png
September 2014 Slowpoketail.png
Chespin (Shiny).png Espurr (Shiny).png Pumpkaboo (Shiny).png
November 2014 Jaw-fossil.png or Sail-fossil.png
Jaw Fossil or Sail Fossil
Goomy (Shiny).png Noibat (Shiny).png Tyrunt (Shiny).png
January 2015 Shiny-voucher.png
Sh. Race Prize Voucher for Alpine Meowth
Buneary (Shiny).png Furfrou (Shiny).png Honedge (Shiny).png
March 2015 Draco-plate.pngDread-plate.pngEarth-plate.pngFist-plate.pngFlame-plate.pngIcicle-plate.pngIncect-plate.pngIron-plate.pngMeadow-plate.png
A random Ancient Plate
Azurite.png Azurite[7]
Flabebe Blue (Shiny).pngFlabebe Orange (Shiny).pngFlabebe Red (Shiny).pngFlabebe White (Shiny).pngFlabebe Yellow (Shiny).png
May 2015 Eternal-flower-voucher.png
Eternal Flower Voucher
Azurite.png Azurite[8]
Carbink (Shiny).png Scatterbug (Shiny).png Inkay (Shiny).png
July 2015 Shiny-voucher.png
Sh. Race Prize Voucher for Purple Kecleon
Wulfenite.png Wulfenite[9]
Duskull (Shiny).png Misdreavus (Shiny).png Shuppet (Shiny).png
September 2015 Mismagius-grimoire.png
Mismagius Grimoire
Wulfenite.png Wulfenite[10]
Buizel (Shiny).png Cubone (Shiny).png Litleo (Shiny).png
November 2015 Shiny-voucher.png
Sh. Race Prize Voucher for Valencian Oddish
Wulfenite.png Wulfenite[11]
Cleffa (Shiny).png Lunatone (Shiny).png Staryu (Shiny).png
January 2016 Shiny-voucher.png
Sh. Race Prize Voucher for Lunar Larvitar
Wulfenite.png Wulfenite[12]
Dedenne (Shiny).png Drifloon (Shiny).png Togepi (Shiny).png
March 2016 Prison-bottle.png
Prison Bottle
Wulfenite.png Wulfenite[13]
Baltoy (Shiny).png Golett (Shiny).png Sigilyph (Shiny).png
May 2016 Artifact-voucher.png
Artifact Voucher
Wulfenite.png Wulfenite[14]
Bellsprout (Shiny).png Chimchar (Shiny).png Ekans (Shiny).png
July 2016 Shiny-voucher.png
Sh. Race Prize Voucher for Dark Ekans
Wulfenite.png Wulfenite[15]
Anorith (Shiny).png Budew (Shiny).png Hawlucha (Shiny).png
September 2016 Jewel Goody Bag.png
Jewel Goody Bag
Wulfenite.png Wulfenite[16]
Burmy (Grass) (Shiny).png Burmy_(Sandy)_(Shiny).png Burmy (Trash) (Shiny).png
November 2016 Alola Ticket.png
Alola Ticket
Malachite.png Malachite[17]
Litten (Shiny).png Popplio (Shiny).png Rowlet (Shiny).png
January 2017 Rotom-dex.png
Rotom Dex
Malachite.png Malachite[18]
Oricorio (Baile) (Shiny).png Oricorio (Pau) (Shiny).png Oricorio (Pom-Pom) (Shiny).png Oricorio (Sensu) (Shiny).png
March 2017 Kalos Cap.png
Kalos Cap
Wulfenite.png Wulfenite[19]
Alolan Grimer (Shiny).png Alolan Sandshrew (Shiny).png Alolan Vulpix (Shiny).png
Alolan Grimer/Alolan Sandshrew/Alolan Vulpix
May 2017 Sun Flute.png or Moon Flute.png
Sun Flute or Moon Flute
Wulfenite.png Wulfenite[20]
Rockruff Shiny.png Salandit Shiny.png Typenull Shiny.png
Rockruff/Salandit/Type: Null
July 2017 Old Rod.png
Old Rod
Wulfenite.png Wulfenite[21]
Alolan Rattata Shiny.png Cutiefly Shiny.png Mimikyu Shiny.png
Alolan Rattata/Cutiefly/Mimikyu
September 2017 Zygarde-voucher.png
Zygarde Voucher
Zygarde Cube
Wulfenite.png Wulfenite[22]
Bounsweet Shiny.png Jangmo-o Shiny.png Minior Shiny.png
November 2017 Shiny-voucher.png
Sh. Race Prize Voucher for Nihilego
Wulfenite.png Wulfenite[23]
Alolan Diglett Shiny.png Alolan Geodude Shiny.png Alolan Meowth Shiny.png
Alolan Diglett/Alolan Geodude/Alolan Meowth
January 2018 Car Key.png
Car Key
Malachite.png Malachite[24]
Electrike Shiny.png Lillipup Shiny.png Snubbull Shiny.png
March 2018 Dog-voucher.png
Year of the Dog Voucher
Wulfenite.png Wulfenite[25]
Corsola Shiny.png Fomantis Shiny.png Wimpod Shiny.png
May 2018 Lightless Voucher.png
Lightless Voucher
Wulfenite.png Wulfenite[26]
Alomomola Shiny.pngDhelmise Shiny.png Wishiwashi Shiny.png
July 2018 Cap-voucher.png
Cap Shop Voucher
Azurite.png Azurite[27]
Igglybuff Shiny.png Smeargle Shiny.png Sunkern Shiny.png
September 2018 Shiny-voucher.png
Sh. Race Prize Voucher for Magearna
Azurite.png Azurite[28]
Drampa Shiny.png Joltik Shiny.png Phantump Shiny.png
November 2018 Empty Cup.png
Empty Cup
Azurite.png Azurite[29]
Cottonee Shiny.png Emolga Shiny.png Swablu Shiny.png
January 2019 Toxic Orb.png
Toxic Orb
Wulfenite.png Wulfenite[30]
Clampearl Shiny.png Combee Shiny.png Stufful Shiny.png
March 2019 Otherworldly Voucher.png
Otherworldly Voucher
Azurite.png Azurite[1]
Helioptile Shiny.png Pachirisu Shiny.png Rotom Shiny.png
May 2019 Bag Machine Part Sprite.png
Machine Part
Wulfenite.png Wulfenite[31]
Bergmite Shiny.png Bruxish Shiny.png Pikipek Shiny.png
July 2019 Coffee Mug.png
Coffee Mug
Wulfenite.png Wulfenite[32]
Cacnea Shiny.png Pyukumuku Shiny.png Zigzagoon Shiny.png
September 2019 Frightening-voucher.png
Frightening Voucher
Wulfenite.png Wulfenite[33]
Gible Shiny.png Squirtle Shiny.png Zangoose Shiny.png
November 2019 Endorsement.png
Wulfenite.png Wulfenite[34]
Grookey Shiny.png Scorbunny.png Sobble Shiny.png
January 2020 Shiny-voucher.png
Sh. Race Prize Voucher for Celesteela
Wulfenite.png Wulfenite[35]
Chatot shiny.png Pidgey shiny.png Wurmple shiny.png
March 2020 Shiny-voucher.png
Sh. Race Prize Voucher for Chatotiel
Wulfenite.png Wulfenite[2]
Galarian Darumaka (Shiny).png Gossifleur (Shiny).png Morpeko (Shiny).png
Galarian Darumaka/Gossifleur/Morpeko
May 2020 Shiny-voucher.png
Sh. Race Prize Voucher for Yamper or Galarian Zigzagoon
Azurite.png Azurite[36]
Happiny (Shiny).png Omanyte (Shiny).png Wingull (Shiny).png
July 2020 Soul Heart.png
Soul Heart
Azurite.png Azurite[37]
Murkrow (Shiny).png Paras (Shiny).png Seedot (Shiny).png
September 2020 Apple Basket.png
Apple Basket
Azurite.png Azurite[38]
Applin (Shiny).png Galarian Corsola (Shiny).png Galarian Zigzagoon (Shiny).png
Applin/Galarian Corsola/Galarian Zigzagoon
November 2020 Shiny-voucher.png
Sh. Race Prize Voucher for Blipbug, Pincurchin, or Wooloo
Azurite.png Azurite[39]
Blipbug (Shiny).png Rookidee (Shiny).png Wooloo (Shiny).png
January 2021 Shiny-voucher.png
Sh. Race Prize Voucher for Kartana
Malachite.png Malachite[40]
Larvesta (Shiny).png Snom (Shiny).png Venonat (Shiny).png
March 2021 Shiny-voucher.png
Sh. Race Prize Voucher for Galarian Ponyta, Galarian Stunfisk or Skwovet
Malachite.png Malachite[41]
Galarian Ponyta (Shiny).png Galarian Stunfisk (Shiny).png Toxel (Shiny).png
Galarian Ponyta/Galarian Stunfisk/Toxel
May 2021 Shiny-voucher.png
Sh. Race Prize Voucher for Clobbopus or Nickit
Malachite.png Malachite[42]
Clobbopus (Shiny).png Lileep (Shiny).png Nickit (Shiny).png
July 2021 Shiny-voucher.png
Sh. Race Prize Voucher for Rolycoly, Silicobra, or Cufant
Malachite.png Malachite[43]
Foongus (Shiny).png Morelull (Shiny).png Shroomish (Shiny).png
September 2021 Shiny-voucher.png
Sh. Race Prize Voucher for Sizzlipede or Galarian Yamask
Malachite.png Malachite[44]
Deerling (Spring) (Shiny).png Deerling (Summer) (Shiny).png Deerling (Fall) (Shiny).png Deerling (Winter) (Shiny).png
Deerling [Spring]/Deerling [Summer]/Deerling [Fall]/Deerling [Winter]
November 2021 Substitute Host.png
Substitute Host
Malachite.png Malachite[45]
Bonsly (Shiny).png Croagunk (Shiny).png Piplup (Shiny).png
January 2022 Shiny-voucher.png
Sh. Race Prize Voucher for Eiscue
Malachite.png Malachite[46]
Frillish M (Shiny).png Nidoran F (Shiny).png Nidoran M (Shiny).png
Frillish/Nidoran F/Nidoran M
March 2022 Shiny-voucher.png
Novelty Voucher
Prize+ for the day of April 1, 2022
Malachite.png Malachite[47]


  • Originally, the type chosen for the Poké Hunt was random. Starting with the first Poké Hunt in August 2020, this was changed to a fixed alphabetical order. This was done to prevent long periods of time where some types were not randomly selected for the Poké Hunt.
  • Due to no new Pokémon being ready to be added to the site, the prize for the March 2022 Site-Wide Shiny Hunt was a Novelty Voucher and one day of Prize+, with the intention that the users could spend their earned Prize Points on any of the previous Site-Wide Shiny Hunt voucher rewards. This is the only time a Plus has been the reward for the Site-Wide Shiny Hunt.