Commander Wymsy Avatar

Commander Wymsy, as depicted in one of her forum avatars.

Commander Wymsy is an advisor and former administrator of GTSPlus and GPXPlus. She created the layout and custom graphics for the site, designed many of the eggs, and handled the egg giveaway events.

She defines herself as a "megalomaniac out for world domination."

Biographical informationEdit

Currently, all that is known about Commander Wymsy in real life is that her real name is Whitney and her birthday is March 6th. She lives in California.

Her avatars depict her as wearing a grey suit with a red tie and having light brown skin, dark brown hair, and opaque glasses.

She is in a lesbian relationship with fellow Global Pokédex Plus user Synx Itax.


Main article: Novelty Pokémon

As with Zerxer and Big Bidoof, Commander Wymsy has a novelty Pokémon based on her, Dracowymsy. It is a draconic Pokémon with many forms that appears to be wearing human clothing.

Malachite AffinityEdit

The Malachite Affinity seems to correspond to Commander Wymsy, supported by the fact that she herself is a Malachite. The Malachite-exclusive trinket Plush Doll W also seems to be made in reference to her.

Retirement Edit

On March 10, 2015, it was announced that Wymsy would be retiring from GPX+, effective immediately.