Big Bidoof Avatar

Big Bidoof, as depicted in one of his forum avatars.

Big Bidoof is one of the root administrators of GTSPlus and GPXPlus. Along with Zerxer, he is responsible for coding the site. He seems to be fond of the phrase "yup yup," similar to the Bidoof from Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time, Darkness, and Sky.

In the past, he has had the usernames Bidofo, CAR=BIDOOF and Large Bidoof Collider, among others.

Biographical informationEdit

In real life, Big Bidoof's real name is Jeff and his birthday is August 1st. He is twenty-five years old and lives in Toronto, Ontario, which is in Canada.

His favorite Pokémon is Bidoof, as evidenced by his username, the novelty Pokémon that represents him, and his PC box of twenty-four shiny Bidoof.


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As with Zerxer and Commander Wymsy, Big Bidoof has a novelty Pokémon based on him, Bidofo. It is a bipedal subspecies of Bidoof with super-intelligence that enables it to wield human-like weaponry.

Wulfenite AffinityEdit

The Wulfenite Affinity seems to correspond to Big Bidoof, supported by the fact that he himself is a Wulfenite. The Wulfenite-exclusive trinkets Bidoof's Foot and Plush Doll B also seem to be made in reference to him.