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Illustration of Arceus by Ken Sugimori.

Arceus is a Legendary Pokémon. Owing to its Rarity and the myths surrounding it in the video games, it is one of the rarest and hardest Pokémon to obtain on GPX+.


For a long time, Arceus' availability was extremely limited. Unlike the other Very Rare Pokémon, Arceus could only be encountered and obtained through the Lab (at rates much lower than those of other Very Rare Pokémon) and as the Grand Prize from a number of Contests (primarily Dress Up or graphic design contests as well as other special contests). In the latter case, an Arceus egg was placed directly into the user's party when space was made available.

In April 2015, Arceus' Exploration was finally released. Winners of the March 2015 Shiny Hunt received one of the Ancient Plates; anyone in possession of a Plate can embark on Death of the World, a difficult exploration in the vein of That Burning Desire!!. Upon completing the Exploration, the user receives an Arceus Egg, which hatches with the typing and sprite corresponding to the used Plate. If the user has more than one Plate available, they are used in the chronological order they were obtained in. Currently, each Arceus type has its own Dex entry, but there is no way to change among the different forms.

Because of Arceus' limited availability and Legendary status, it is currently not possible to release it. It is thus forever stuck in user's PC.


Hatching an Arceus egg unlocks the Godsend achievement, which awards 200 points. Before the Exploration was made available, this was the rarest Achievement due to Arceus' limited availability.


  • 19 users have hatched an Arceus egg before the Exploration was introduced. Among the known owners, in order of date obtained, are:
    • jwalraven, who obtained the egg from the lab in April 2009.
    • Pokii, who won a Dress Up Contest with his Cloysterman (which was later turned into a Novelty Pokémon).
    • Komodo, who placed first in the 2010 Egg Coloring contest.
    • Dille, who placed second in the 2010 Egg Coloring contest.
    • intuition, who obtained one from an IRC giveaway.
    • Keyblade Wielder Roxas, who obtained the egg from the lab in June 2010.
    • Itaru Hashida, who received an Arceus from the August 2010 Birthday Exchange.
    • TheEdgeOfForever, who obtained the egg from the lab in November 2010.
    • Falon, who won the December 2010 Dress Up Contest.
    • Nayia Lovecat, who won the October 2011 Dress Up Contest.
    • Different Turret, who won the 2011 Christmas Tree bauble design contest, though gave her Arceus away in the 2011 Secret Santa exchange.
    • Milo, who received Different Turret's Arceus from the 2011 Secret Santa exchange.
    • Renaki, who obtained one in the 2012 New Years Raffle.
    • ThunderMoss, who obtained the egg from the lab in October 2012.
    • MM02110, who obtained the egg from the lab in June 2013.
    • Linebeck, who placed first in the 2013 Kite Contest.
    • TehArtMonkey , who placed second in the 2013 Kite Contest.
    • PokeNOM NOM NOM, for contributing with Gen 6 sprites.
    • ll Sam ll, who placed first in the March 2015 Dress Up Contest