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Alex and Thomas are unique characters created for GPX+. Similar to Professor Cypress, they are depicted as in charge of the Daycare and Shelter, and also have a "user" representation that performs automated site-related functions and helps provide interactions to users on the site.


Alex and Thomas were designed by Different Turret for the third version of the GPX+ interface. They were conceived as the individuals who run both the Daycare and Shelter portions of the site, as the two areas serve similar functions in distributing user-created Pokémon eggs. Alex is the blond-haired, light-skinned female, and Thomas is the taller, dark-skinned male.

Just as Cypress "speaks" to users on the GPX+ Lab, so too do Alex and Thomas explain the functions of the Daycare and Shelter, including how many eggs or Pokémon a user can take, the ways in which the user can earn more Shelter adoptions, and the current status of the Shelter population or the user's Daycare couple. Users can also visit Alex and Thomas' party from a link provided on the Shelter page.

GPX+ FunctionsEdit

Alex and Thomas

User Party InteractionsEdit

Alex and Thomas are also represented by a "bot", an automated user that runs on a script created by the site administrators. Users who interact with at least one of their Party Pokémon will receive interactions back from them for the rest of the day, provided the eggs or Pokémon are in the user's party long enough to be noticed by the bot script. Unlike Professor Cypress, Alex and Thomas rotate their party members regularly; however, interacting with the new party members will not provide additional benefits for the user.

Pokémon BreedingEdit

Alex and Thomas also function to produce eggs of the Common to Rare Rarities and release them to the Egg Shelter. As a bot, they can breed hundreds of pairs of compatible Pokémon a day, and will always release the offspring to the Shelter. The Pokémon created tend to be those with low populations in the Shelter and Safari Zone, allowing users that are seeking more hard-to-come-by Pokémon more opportunities to do so.

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