DressUp Aigean Falon

Aigean, Falon's Dressed Up Vaporeon

Accessories are items which can be used to "dress up" a player's Pokémon and visually alter the Pokémon's sprite. This feature takes its cues from the Dress-Up portion of Pokémon Super Contests from Generation IV and the Pokémon Musicals from Generation V.

Obtaining AccessoriesEdit

GPX+ users can obtain over 110 Accessories on the site: 98 Accessories from Generation IV, 6 special accessories unique to GPX+, and a number of Props from Generation V. After purchasing a Fashion Case, users may purchase Accessories from newly-accessible "Accessories" tab in the Shop. 15 random Accessories are displayed at one time.

The Generation IV Accessories can also be found when a Pokémon is withdrawn from the PokéWalker, most often after it has obtained at least 10 levels. The Special Accessories can only be found in the Shop during Halloween and Christmas.

Users are limited to 10 of any Accessory; additional ones obtained in the Pokéwalker will be automagically sold. Otherwise, Accessories cannot be sold to the shop once purchased or obtained.

Dressing Up PokémonEdit

Any Pokémon in a user's possession can access the Dress-Up section once he or she has purchased the Fashion Case. By selecting the "Dress Up Pokémon" option from the drop-down menu, the Pokémon will be taken to a different screen that displays obtained Accessories, Backdrops (automatically provided when using the Dress-Up option), a panel that shows the current Pokémon and any accessories and backdrops previously applied, a placement control panel, and a list of object layers.

DressUp Muza Nayia Lovecat

Accessories can be rotated (Candy Cane) and layered (Cape)

Users can move up to 10 Accessories to the Pokémon's panel; each new item is assigned a layer that places the item above any other objects in the panel. Items can then be placed anywhere in the space provided using the mouse, and can be moved forward or backward by arranging the list of layers appropriately. Selecting a Backdrop places a textured oval at the bottom of the panel; it cannot be manipulated in any way beyond this. The placement control panel below the layout panel allows for more precise placement of items; in addition to one-pixel movements of items and Pokémon, any object (except for the Backdrop) can be rotated in 90-degree increments, and can also be flipped horizontally and/or vertically.

When saved, the Dressed-Up Pokémon will be displayed on its information page (not on the Pokétch). Image codes for Dressed-Up Pokémon are also generated automatically and can be used to gain Views just like non-Dressed Up images.

Contests and AchievementsEdit

GPX+ has occasionally held contests to showcase the creativity of its users with regards to their ability to Dress Up their Pokémon. Submitted designs are voted upon by other users of the site, and top winners have received Vouchers for summoning Legendary Pokémon.

There are currently two Achievements involving the Dress Up feature: Deceitful Metapod, which awards 200 Points, and Fashion Expert, which awards 800 Points.

Regular AccessoriesEdit

With the exception of the Orange Fluff, all Generation IV Accessories can be found on GPX+. The Comet and Red Barrette were initially accidentally omitted, and were added October 2011.

Name Icon Price
Award Podium Award-Podium 1,300
Big Leaf Big-Leaf 450
Big Scale Bigscale 550
Big Tree Big-Tree 1,100
Black Beard Blackbeard 500
Black Fluff Blackfluff 450
Black Moustache Black-Moustache 500
Black Pebble Black-Pebble 450
Black Specs Blackspecs 550
Blue Balloons Blueballoons 900
Blue Barrette Bluebarrette 550
Blue Feather Blue-Feather 450
Blue Flower Blueflower 450
Blue Scale Blue-Scale 450
Brown Fluff Brownfluff 450
Cape Cape 950
Carpet Carpet 1,100
Chimchar Mask Chimchar-Mask 700
Colored Parasol Colored-Parasol 1,000
Comet Comet 850
Confetti Confetti 800
Crown Crown 650
Cube Stage Cubestage 1,200
Determination Determination 750
Eerie Thing Eeriething 550
Flag Flag 1,000
Flower Stage Flower-Stage 1,200
Fluffy Bed Fluffy-Bed 1,300
Glass Stage Glassstage 1,200
Glitter Boulder Glitter-Boulder 550
Glitter Powder Glitterpowder 550
Gold Pedestal Goldpedestal 1,200
Googly Specs Googlyspecs 550
Gorgeous Specs Gorgeousspecs 550
Green Balloons Greenballoons 900
Green Barrette Greenbarrette 550
Green Scale Greenscale 450
Heroic Headband Heroic-Headband 800
Humming Note Humming-Note 550
Jagged Boulder Jagged-Boulder 550
Lace Headdress Lace-Headdress 600
Mini Pebble Mini-Pebble 450
Mirror Ball Mirror-Ball 1,000
Mystic Fire Mysticfire 750
Narrow Leaf Narrowleaf 450
Narrow Scale Narrow-Scale 450
Old Umbrella Oldumbrella 1,000
Orange Flower Orange-Flower 450
Orange Fluff Orangefluff N/A
Peculiar Spoon Peculiarspoon 550
Photo Board Photo-Board 1200
Pink Balloon Pinkballoon 900
Pink Barrette Pink-Barrette 500
Pink Flower Pinkflower 450
Pink Fluff Pink-Fluff 450
Pink Scale Pinkscale 450
Piplup Mask Piplupmask 700
Poison Extract Poisonextract 500
Pretty Dewdrop Prettydewdrop 450
Professor Hat Professor-Hat 550
Puffy Smoke Puffy-Smoke 600
Purple Scale Purple-Scale 450
Red Balloons Red-Balloons 900
Red Barrette Redbarrette 850
Red Feather Redfeather 450
Red Flower Red-Flower 450
Retro Pipe Retropipe 1,100
Round Pebble Round-Pebble 450
Seashell Seashell 450
Shed Claw Shedclaw 450
Shed Horn Shedhorn 500
Shimmering Fire Shimmeringfire 750
Shiny Powder Shiny-Powder 550
Silk Veil Silkveil 950
Small Leaf Smallleaf 450
Snaggy Pebble Snaggy-Pebble 450
Snow Crystal Snowcrystal 450
Sparks Sparks 550
Spotlight Spotlight 1,200
Spring Spring 450
Standing Mike Standing-Mike 1,000
Stump Stump 1,000
Surfboard Surfboard 1,100
Sweet Candy Sweetcandy 550
Thick Mushroom Thickmushroom 500
Thin Mushroom Thinmushroom 450
Tiara Tiara 650
Top Hat Tophat 600
Turtwig Mask Turtwigmask 700
Wealthy Coin Wealthycoin 1,300
White Beard White-Beard 550
White Feather Whitefeather 450
White Flower Whiteflower 450
White Fluff Whitefluff 450
White Moustache Whitemoustache 500
Yellow Balloon Yellow-Balloon 900
Yellow Barrette Yellowbarrette 550
Yellow Feather Yellow-Feather 450
Yellow Flower Yellow-Flower 450
Yellow Fluff Yellowfluff 450

Special AccessoriesEdit

There are six special accessories that are original sprites from the site artists. The first one introduced was the Jackolantern which was available for a short time around Halloween of 2009 and again in 2010 and 2011. The next five - the Candy Cane, Present, Festive Tree, Holiday Wreath, and Santa Hat - were released for Christmas of 2009 and 2010 and were only available for a few days.

Name Icon Price
Jackolantern Jackolanternaccessory 1,900
Candy Cane Candy-Cane 1,900
Present Gift-Box 1,900
Festive Tree Festive-Tree 1,900
Holiday Wreath Holiday-Wreath 1,900
Santa Hat Santa-Hat 1,900


The Generation V Props were slowly added to the site starting in October 2011. These items are grouped in with the Generation IV items and are also labeled as Accessories on GPX+.

Name Icon Price
BeretProp Beret950
BibProp Bib1200
Big BagProp Big Bag500
Big BarretteProp Big Barrette1200
Black CapeProp Black Cape1300
Black TieProp Black Tie550
Black WingsProp Black Wings650
BouquetProp Bouquet850
Bow TieProp Bow Tie650
CandyProp Candy550
CaneProp Cane500
Chef's HatProp Chefs Hat500
Colorful ParasolProp Colorful Parasol750
Cowboy HatProp Cowboy Hat650
Crimson ScarfProp Crimson Scarf1150
Decorative RibbonProp Decorative Ribbon1100
Dressy TieProp Dressy Tie1000
Electric GuitarProp Electric Guitar1250
Fake Belly ButtonProp Fake Belly Button850
Fake BoneProp Fake Bone1050
FedoraProp Fedora800
Fluffy BeardProp Fluffy Beard1200
FootballProp Football450
Frilly ApronProp Frilly Apron1150
Frying PanProp Frying Pan900
Gentleman's HatProp Gentlemans Hat800
Germ MaskProp Germ Mask450
Gift BoxProp Gift Box
Gorgeous FlowerProp Gorgeous Flower550
HeadbandProp Headband700
HelmetProp Helmet900
Horned HelmProp Horned Helm700
Hula SkirtProp Hula Skirt600
Jester's CapProp Jester's Cap450
Lace CapProp Lace Cap800
LadleProp Ladle500
LanternProp Lantern650
Laurel WreathProp Laurel Wreath800
Lonely FlowerProp Lonely Flower1250
Magic WandProp Magic Wand800
MalletProp Mallet500
MaracaProp Maraca750
MicrophoneProp Microphone550
MonocleProp Monocle850
NecklaceProp Necklace1100
PaintbrushProp Paintbrush1300
PennantProp Pennant1000
Pirate HatProp Pirate Hat750
Pocket WatchProp Pocket Watch600
PurseProp Purse1000
RacketProp Racket950
Red NoseProp Red Nose900
Red ParasolProp Red Parasol950
Rigid ShieldProp Rigid Shield1250
RoseProp Rose950
Round ButtonProp Round Button900
Round MushroomProp Round Mushroom1200
Scarlet CapeProp Scarlet Cape900
Scarlet HatProp Scarlet Hat
ShurikenProp Shuriken700
Small BarretteProp Small Barrette600
Smiley-Face MaskProp Smiley Face Mask900
Square GlassesProp Square Glasses1150
Straw HatProp Straw Hat650
Striped BarretteProp Striped Barrette1100
Striped TieProp Striped Tie600
TambourineProp Tambourine1150
Thick BookProp Thick Book1100
TieProp Tie700
Toy CakeProp Toy Cake1100
Toy CutlassProp Toy Cutlass600
Toy Fishing RodProp Toy Fishing Rod550
Toy SwordProp Toy Sword450
TridentProp Trident550
TrumpetProp Trumpet1050
Umber BeltProp Umber Belt600
WhiskProp Whisk1000
White CapeProp White Cape1300
White Domino MaskProp White Domino Mask1250
White PompomProp White Pompom700
White WingsProp White Wings850
WigProp Wig950
Windup KeyProp Windup Key1050
Winner's BeltProp Winners Belt900
Witchy HatProp Witchy Hat850
WrenchProp Wrench1100